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Nice. Thanks for the new thought!

Also reminded me of my experience with an artist friend who once told me he'd bought the new Sony XYZ camera and, a few weeks later, sent me an amazing set of pics of a hike he was at. I was all like, "wooow, I need that camera 😮😮"

Lucky that I shared this thought with him a few days later because his response was, "Yeah, well, the new cam was quite heavy to take for a hike, so I took my 5yo point-and-shoot Canon instead". Apparently, the difference was our art skills.

Different learning, but slightly related, so wanted to share :)

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Good wisdom with a mnemotechnic, thanks for sharing! Another point not in favor of the theorical best solution and/or discussion: you can't make pickups by playing guitar, but you can build your perfect tool by programming.

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