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Geocities baby! My favorite part of that era was Under Construction gifs. Because I didn't have a reason to have a website, but boy it was fun to build them. Thanks for this. I love nostalgia.

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I like how you share the things you think about.

I also started a newsletter inspired by people like you.

Sometimes I also use the style of yours.

Keep up!

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As a software engineer, my first instinct was of total denial: money should be able to "buy" better software. As it turns out, reflecting about it, we can think that what money "buys" in terms of quality might be not even visible to the user, so I can see your point now. The recent developments in AI and LLMs made this even more correct.

My only suggestion here is not to forget what a privilege it is to have access to computers and be well versed in technology. Many people are still excluded from it.

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