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I have many lists but I don't have a list of stuff I'd love to learn from other programmers, and right now I'm not sure if I could compile such a list. Do you have a few specific ideas in mind for what you'd live to learn from persons X and Y?

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I don't have a list with specifics things either. It's also not like I'd be interested in specific techniques or tricks, like how does Carmack implement audio effects in ... or something like that.

What I think would be interesting with Bellard, Carmack, and so on is to see how they think about things that I've also thought about out: how do they structure their days and why, how much value do they place on testing and how and when, how do they manage their energy throughout a project, how do they handle blockers, how do they debug, which code do they write and which code do they not write, ... I think that'd be very interesting. It's also the type of stuff I remember about working with some colleagues in the past.

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Back in the day, Mike Lee moved into Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster’s basement to learn how to program Objective C apps from the master. It was blogged about by them at the time, but by now I don’t know if the links are still up anywhere. You could try asking them about it on social media.

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