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I was shocked Dvorak didn’t make it into this story! Have you ever considered it? Absolutely life changing for me and relieved a lot of wrist pain.

I also assume you remapped caps lock to Ctrl, right?

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Thanks for sharing. I regret not to taken care of this aspect seriously and I am suffering. I started my programming career in 2013 and I am way behind. Off late when I think, typing is indeed a bottleneck and when neck hurts with wrong posture and incorrect usage, we can not learn faster in this fast paced programming domain. Thanks for resources and hope I will buckle up myself and get out of this neck pain soon.

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I assume you use qwerty?

Me too but I always wonder if having a custom key mapping is worth it, as with qwerty the special characters mostly used while programming are controlled by the little finger on the right hand:


Imho this puts too much responsibility on one finger and this is where the most typos still occur for me..

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