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This was excellent

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34: I agree that writing on a computer is strictly better, what's good about paper is the ability to switch as you want between writing mode and drawing mode. Considering most people don't have a drawing tablet and are not good at drawing with a mouse, they write better diagrams on paper. As you said in 10 and 11, it's worth it to take the time to find a diagram tool that you can use for most of your diagrams and integrate with your writing on the computer.

46, 57, 60: Thank you for these! I agree and I'm glad that I'm not alone in thinking those.

62: More than that, the focus on the programming languages as if they were independent of their ecosystem has done a lot of damage. I live in Go land mostly, and it's always surprising to see how much people who focus on the language itself miss. The build system is great. Most people see a project being made in Go as a positive because it'll be easy to install for them, and reasonably fast. You can `go run toto.go` a file even if that file has imports, it'll work. `go build` will just work too. A project can be a single Go file, and when you want to share/distribute it you'll have to add two files at most (go.mod, go.sum). Imports make sense and are easy to figure out. It builds fast. Distributing to multiple platforms is easy too.

Rob Pike says that Go is a language focused on software engineering. Maybe it's time to separate programming and software engineering, and discuss software engineering languages and programming languages very differently.

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> Very often there’s no secret, no trick, no special thing: all one has to do is to do it.

Yeah, i felt it first when i prepared for interviews. During internships, i did nothing and didn't get one. While searching for jobs, i just did it, i got one.

Also, had a 1-1 with a company's cto last time. Most of the advice he gave boils down to start doing things.

Many want some fancy ways or easy shortcuts to do something. They don't even try doing it. Just doing it helps. that's what i think

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The worst part is when you, for once, not have your phone next to you... Or even worse when you have to then search it...


Yeeeees. It's really selfish to not do so actually and that's the part that makes it so infuriating..


Oh no... that's so true


Now that I think about it, it makes a lot of sense..

60 and 63

xD totally agree

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> Outsourcing mental tasks to computers is good, even if the mental capacity to do these tasks might shrink. It is a bicycle for the mind – why walk?

can i get some examples?

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> Opinions are overrated. Taste is underrated.

Can I get some context for this.

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> 28: Also: pull quotes on page 5 of a website don’t make sense. Whose eyes are you trying to catch? The eyes of the person walking past the magazine stand on which your article is presented on a iPad and scrolled-down 5 pages? Come on.

So nice to discover I hated something I didn't know the name before.

> 32: Engineers put too many graphs on their dashboards. Most of them are useless. 5 graphs is enough for everything. A dashboard should tell you something at a glance, not require a manual.

It's often a signal of vendor seduction :)

> 39: There are a lot of very talented, very knowledgeable, very intelligent people that just don’t know how to work. Sadly, they often think they’re misunderstood.

This hits deep. Not that I see myself of super talented or smart, but I know I'm knowledgeable. And I feel misguided and misunderstood, yes.

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34. White boards - for quick points and tasks

Computer - long form writing

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